Rapid Hard Cement

The arrival of precast concrete and fast-track construction has resulted in an increased demand for very high early-strength specialist products. This early-strength specialist cement offers consistent, superior performance in all applications where quick mould turn-around or formwork stripping times are required.

Features and Benefits

  • AfriSam Rapid Hard Cement is milled to a carefully controlled fineness and contains a chloride-based strength modifier to ensure higher early strengths
  • Its higher fineness implies that a larger surface area is available to react with water, increasing the rate of hydration and resulting in higher early-strength development
  • It offers very high early-strength
  • It is perfect for use in cold weather conditions due to its rapid rate of hydration


Its high early strength makes it ideal for:

  • the precast concrete industry where quicker demoulding times are required
  • high early-strength development products
  • fast-track construction projects to facilitate earlier stripping of formwork, earlier bridge launching or higher sliding rates
  • cold weather concreting as the high liberation of heat of hydration can offset the retardation effect of low tempretures

For your convenience, all our products are supported by a highly developed sales support, technical service and supply infrastructure. Our fully equipped laboratory is ready to help you with any technical assistance you might need on 011 758 6000.

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